About Us

By embracing necessary elements like value, quality, durability, and performance, we want to develop products that not only satisfy client needs but also foster an emotional bond.

Kayhan Audio is one of the fastest-growing leading manufacturers and developers of car entertainment products. Founded in Germany in 1997. Our prime focus is to deliver products that not just meet customer requirements but establish an emotional attachment by adding vital elements like value, quality, durability, and performance.

We have years of experience in the industry, and on that basis, we can proudly say that we produce one of the best products in the market that customers might not find anywhere else.

Kayhan Audio’s team consists of expert sound engineers, quality testers, a design team, and other professionals who work day and night to deliver the best car entertainment products.

We have a reputation for having one of the best collections of in-dash satnav, rear entertainment, reversing cameras, dash cams, and other car accessories. And on all above of that what customer loves us for is; affordable price.

Earlier we are limited to only one store but because of huge demand not just in our locality but worldwide we decided to come online and to help our end customer we set up this unique portal from where customers can now order products from our catalog then no matter on which part of the earth our customer lives.

We designed KayhanAudio.com.au keeping other e-commerce websites in mind so anyone can add their favorite car equipment to a cart and simply checkout using their preferred checkout method.


We are a company with 20+ years of experience. With that much of enormous experience in the industry, we can sense what kind of product will rock the market. Keeping in mind, we keep launching something new and innovative.

Kayhan Audio, whatever is today, all the credit goes to our sound engineers. Our expert sound engineers work day and night to develop products that produce one of the best quality sounds.

We believe in quality at the utmost. We are best known for our quality products that are durable and long-lasting. Above all that, an appealing design is one of the essential add-ons. We consider it very seriously like our sound technology, so we have some of the best designers on our team.

As two customers’ tastes can’t be the same, we have many products on our website. The more you explore more you find new unique products. We have a product range for every taste; in short, Kayhan Audio is the one-stop solution for all kinds of needs related to car audio.

Kayhan Audio is one of the companies that believe in customer satisfaction and to follow our motto we know it is crucial for us to keep the price of our high-quality audio pieces of equipment as much reasonable as we can. When you explore our products, you will not find anything that is overpriced. In this, somehow if you feel something is overpriced in our portal, then we recommend you to compare the features and quality with any of our competitors. You will get your answer instantly.

Apart from testing that we have done at the time of the production cycle, we examine the pieces of equipment again before packaging that is meant to deliver to the customer. We have a separate team for such testing that cross-checks things like sound quality, any damage, software, etc.

Quick customer support is one of the primary bases for any kind of service. When a customer orders something from us we take care of everything from tracking of product to setting up the equipment. A customer can find all the information on the website but still, if the customer needs an assistant, then we are just one call away.