5 Compelling Reasons To Install Touchscreen Receivers In Your Car

5 Compelling Reasons To Install Touchscreen Receivers In Your Car Leave a comment


Discover the Advantages of Touch Screen Receivers

Those tiny buttons on the car stereo can be a real pain sometimes while driving, right? We understand how you feel. It’s really annoying. But how about installing a large, touch-screen stereo for your car’s dash?

Wondering why people invest more in such a big, high-end, fancy screen? Isn’t it just for looks? Is it worth it? Well! The touchscreen receiver will make your car look cooler than ever, but it is not just about appearances. Its conveniences are far greater than you might think!

With a touchscreen stereo, everything will be right at your fingertips. You can connect your smartphone, use navigation, and control music playback, all without taking your eyes off the road for too long. It is like having a smart entertainment device right in your car!

Now, let’s dive deep into why touch-screen stereos are so popular these days.

Why Should You Look for a Touchscreen Car Head Unit?

Today’s touchscreen receivers offer much more than just basic functionality. From the radio to the air conditioning system, you can control everything with the swipe of a finger, letting you get your eyes back on the road faster. Some advanced features like GPS navigation, gesture control, steering wheel controls, backup cameras, and much more are integrated with the car stereo system.

Let’s talk about some ways to maximize the benefits of having a touchscreen receiver in your car.

Benefits of a Big Display in Your Car

The best part is that lots of these receivers have features like Apple CarPlayTM and Android AutoTM. These features bring your smartphone’s functions right onto the touchscreen display. When you mirror your smartphone’s screen on the car display, it will give you easy access to apps, messages, and contacts while keeping your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road.

And the advantage of a big screen comes into play here. Having a big-screen receiver display makes everything much easier to read compared to those tiny single-line displays on old car stereos. You can see what music is playing, who is calling, and even check your navigation directions at a glance without any hassle.

Integrated GPS Navigation

Most touchscreen receivers have built-in GPS navigation systems or support for navigation apps like Google Maps or Waze. So you don’t need to purchase a separate GPS device. The turn-by-turn directions, including real-time traffic updates, will appear directly on the bigger, colorful display screen.

Since the screen is big and touch-friendly, you can change the destination or navigate unfamiliar roads through tight spots easily with just a few touches to the screen. In addition to that, you can take advantage of voice assistant features to make things a bit easier for you while driving.

Informative display

In addition to the music and caller information, most car receivers provide detailed information about the environment around the car. While some others also include climate control features in their receivers for extra convenience.

Moreover, most modern touchscreen receivers can be integrated with your car’s information system. So, it will display essential vehicle data such as tire pressure, fuel efficiency, engine diagnostics, and more. Such data helps drivers track the car’s performance and required maintenance.

Easy customization

Touchscreens offer a more intuitive and easier-to-use interface compared to traditional button-controlled receivers. With a touchscreen interface, you can easily navigate menus, make selections, and adjust settings with just a tap or swipe. Moreover, most of them have streamlined dashboards, but sometimes it could take time to navigate a particular menu.

But many touchscreen receivers allow customization for the home screen, app icons, and other settings. You can personalize the display interface by arranging the functions and features you use frequently according to your preferences.

Integration of safety features

Many touchscreen receivers come equipped with advanced safety features like lane departure warnings, collision alerts, and rear-view cameras. These features enhance your awareness, help prevent accidents, and assist in parking, reversing, and avoiding obstacles, making your driving experience safer.

No doubt that the wide field of view of integrated GPS offers a significantly broader perspective of what’s behind your vehicle compared to using traditional rear-view mirrors. Additionally, modern stereos often come with multiple camera inputs, and the side view cameras include areas that may be obstructed by your car’s body, ensuring better visibility and safety.

Installation Tips to Ensure a Seamless Installation of Your New Touchscreen Receiver 

When you are considering installing a large touchscreen receiver in your car, take a look at how it appears on your dashboard. Three styles of touchscreen receivers are available on the market: space-saving 2″ tall, double-sized 4″ in-dash receivers, and floating touchscreen receivers. Find the best fit for your car from Kayhan Audio’s digital store. 

Remember, the dash layout of every car is different. So, before all else, measure the DIN size, or size of the stereo’s structural framework, to ensure the new touchscreen car stereo system will fit snugly into the head unit. Pay attention to the layout of the air vents and controls near your radio. Make sure that the new touchscreen receiver is not blocking cabin flow.

However, some receivers offer adjustability. So, you can alter the height and angle of the display to confirm better visibility and perfect fittings. But it may not be easy for you to adjust once everything is connected.

So, when it comes to installing a new touchscreen receiver, seek help from trained professionals. For queries or assistance, feel free to get in touch with us at info@kayhanaudio.com.au


A touchscreen car stereo comes with a bunch of cool perks. Agree? The bigger and more colorful display makes it super convenient to playback music, take important calls, and navigate through Google Maps right from the screen with a tap or swipe.

So, are you ready to upgrade your car’s entertainment system? Cool! There is a whole world of touchscreen receivers waiting for you, and Kayhan Audio is here to guide you through it. Explore a range of touchscreen receivers from Kayhan Audio’s collection.

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