8 Must-Have Features for Your Next Car Stereo Purchase

8 Things You Should Consider While Buying A Car Stereo Leave a comment

Are you tired of your outdated car stereo? Looking for something that will ultimately upgrade your driving experience?

Undoubtedly, aftermarket car stereos offer better sound, more connectivity, and various playback options. Plus, it will let you enjoy hands-free convenience and safe, hassle-free driving.

Now the question is: What are the must-have features that make a car stereo system good? With so many car receiver models available, it can be hard to choose the one you need. It’s confusing to know which model will fit perfectly inside your car’s head unit.

No worries! We are here to make the process easier for you. Stay tuned till the end so that you will be a lot more confident when you finalize your purchasing decision.

Why Get a New Car Stereo?

Imagine yourself driving on the open road with a musical paradise right inside your car. And you are enjoying your favorite music with clear sound and seamless connectivity to your phone so that you can change songs whenever you want or accept an important call without using your mobile phone while driving. That’s why you should get over the typical factory stereo.

8 Things To Consider While Buying A Car Stereo

When you drive and listen to music, have you ever thought, “That doesn’t sound right” or “I wish my car stereo could get louder”? Maybe you have even used headphones or your phone to change songs, take important calls, or navigate while driving. However, using a phone or wearing headphones while driving is strictly illegal in many places.

Here are the essential things you need to consider while choosing a car receiver to ensure better sound quality, seamless connectivity, and hands-free convenience.

Audio Formats

First things first: does your car stereo support all playback formats? Nowadays, audio files come in various formats with different audio quality. Formats like MP3 and AAC provide standard audio quality, while others like ALAC, WAV, and FLAC offer higher resolution and better sound.

So, ensure your chosen car stereo can handle all these formats. Confirm your car stereo is compatible with various audio sources like CD/DVD, Radio, USB, AUX, Bluetooth, SD card, and smartphone.

In-depth tone controls

After ensuring you have access to your favorite music from multiple sources, it’s time to think about sound quality. Do you want more overall volume? A boost in the bass?

Well! Whatever you want, look for a stereo with precision sound controls. You will usually find a few tone controls like parametric equalization or digital time correction on higher-end models. However, some affordable aftermarket stereos too offer more audio controls than the typical factory setup.

You can fine-tune your sound system with those in-depth tone controls, making it the perfect match for your car.

Factors like speaker placement, system type, and track mastering affect your car stereo settings. The EQ presets can be used to boost bass for more power without sacrificing sound.

To make it easier for you, let me mention that Kayhan Audio’s car head units are not only relatively louder but also easy to use and highly praised for their clean, rich, and detailed sound.

Audio expandability

After fine-tuning the new stereo system, does it complement your diverse music collection? Do you think that still, the system is not sounding right? Or maybe wishing to add more audio-video components, like external amplifiers and powered subwoofers, or rear seat video screens for long journeys?

To make it happen, make sure the stereo system has Auxiliary inputs, USB connections, and external audio and video inputs and outputs.

Must-have music playback function

How do you enjoy your music while driving? Phone, CD/DVD, or portable player? If the new in-dash receiver has a USB or auxiliary input port, it supports your USB or non-USB music players with your ready-to-go library.

Not to forget, most car stereo systems come with FM radio or SiriusXM satellite radio.

Moreover, many car head units offer Android AutoTM and Apple CarPlay® functionality, giving access to various music apps. From Pandora® to Spotify®, you can even enjoy audiobooks and podcasts as you wish. Rock on!

Hands-free convenience

It is unsafe and against the law to use a handheld mobile device while driving. So, don’t overlook any single feature designed for hands-free convenience. Opt for voice assistance, Bluetooth connectivity, and smartphone integration through Apple CarPlay or Android Auto to have the freedom of hands-free calling or audio streaming while driving.

Driving assistance 

Many touch-screen stereos now offer a rear camera view and support multiple camera inputs. This allows you to add a backup camera, dash cam, or side camera to enhance safety. Such camera views improve visibility, making it easier to navigate tight spots and avoid potential obstacles so that you can drive or park your car at your destination safely.

Built-in GPS navigation

We all use GPS navigation to avoid getting lost on the road. Yeah, you can use Google Maps for navigation on your phone. Still, stereos with built-in GPS navigation offer a larger navigation screen than your phone or portable navigators, along with touchscreen controls for extra convenience.

Seamless installation process

Lastly, is the car stereo compatible with your vehicle’s make and model? The physical dimension of the system and model compatibility are primary considerations.

So, before all else, check whether the new stereo fits your dash or not. Filter out the options that won’t work using the vehicle selector. If you can’t, drop us a message mentioning your car’s details. One of our executives will be in touch with you soon to provide additional assistance.


Concluding, while looking for a new car stereo, simply ask these questions to yourself:

Do you want a simple replacement for a defective part? Or do you just want to upgrade features that you don’t have currently? By answering these questions, you will uncover exactly what’s missing in your current setup.

Also, it’s best that you write down a list of the features you really want in your new car stereo. The more clarity you have about your needs, the easier it is to decide what you want to achieve with a new car stereo system.

Once the list is ready, narrow down the list of stereos that fit your car by using filters on Kayhan Audio’s website to highlight and focus on your favorite features. Happy shopping!

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