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Kayhan Audio is leading company in the car infotainment systems, focuses on offering premium audio solutions for automobiles. With years of expertise and a dedication to innovation, Kayhan Audio has become a recognised brand among auto enthusiasts. Kayhan Audio manufactures the finest quality audio products. With years of experience in the automotive audio sector, Kayhan Audio Australia continually provides cutting-edge technology products and services. The business is committed to remain on top by utilising cutting-edge technology developments to improve the audio experience in vehicles. A variety of automotive audio devices are available from Kayhan Audio, including head units, speakers, amplifiers, subwoofers, and more. Our products are made to fit perfectly and function at their best with a variety of car models. In addition, Kayhan Audio offers installation services performed by skilled experts that have the knowledge to provide flawless outcomes. Particularly when it comes to listening to music while driving, car audio is essential to improving the whole driving experience. Long or boring drives can be made immersive and enjoyable with a high-quality automobile audio system. In this blog we will discuss some best ways to improve your car audio quality.

1. Upgrade the speakers

One of the most significant improvements you can make to your automotive audio system is to your speakers. A new set of speakers can completely change how you listen to music while driving, enhancing the experience with clarity, depth, and immersive sound. Your car’s audio system can be improved with the knowledge and selection of premium speaker alternatives provided by Kayhan Audio. The way you listen to music while driving will change if you upgrade your speakers, thanks to improvements in sound quality, music detail and more power output on speakers. There are many reasons to upgrade your speakers to achieve unparalleled audio quality.

  • Superior sound quality: The main benefit of upgrading your automobile speakers is to experience greater sound quality. Factory-installed speakers frequently lack superior audio performance in favour of basic utility. You may unleash the full potential of your car’s audio system by upgrading to high-quality aftermarket speakers. Wide variety of speakers from Kayhan Audio are expertly crafted to produce clear highs, mids, and powerful bass. With their knowledge, you can locate the ideal speakers for your needs and your car model.
  • Enhanced music detail and clarity: With new speakers, you can listen to music in a whole different way. You’ll hear details you hadn’t heard before, such delicate instruments, backing singers, and complex melodies. The speakers from Kayhan Audio reproduce music with remarkable clarity thanks to improved sound accuracy and balance, producing a rich and immersive audio environment inside your vehicle.Kayhan Audio has specially crafted latest head unit Version5 and Linux Pro help to create a crystal clear sound for your car.
  • Immersive soundstage: An effective speaker update can widen the soundstage within your car and give you a more engrossing listening experience. The speakers made by Kayhan Audio use cutting-edge technology, such as tweeters with pivoting capabilities, to more precisely guide sound waves. Advanced speaker technology, speaker positioning, and optimisation methods work together to create an immersive soundscape. In addition to going beyond the restrictions of conventional stereo reproduction that offers a more immersive and realistic listening experience. An immersive soundstage gives the impression that the music is emerging from a larger, more realistic space, which gives the listener a better overall experience. The audio is given extra depth and width by this spatial enhancement, which gives it a more immersive and realistic feel.
  • Balanced frequency response: Balanced frequency response is essential for precise audio reproduction and to preserve the integrity of the original recording. Each instrument and vocal may be heard clearly and separately, resulting in a more pleasurable and immersive listening experience that adds to the playback’s overall music quality and realism. Balanced frequency response can be achieved through various technologies and design elements which includes the use of premium drivers, such as woofers, midrange drivers, and tweeters, each tuned to handle particular frequency ranges, may be one way to do this. Equalisation (EQ) can also be used to optimise a speaker system’s frequency response. To create a more harmonious overall sound, certain frequencies can be amplified or muted by equalisation. It’s crucial to remember that equalisation should only be applied wisely because doing so can result in imbalances and distortions. Kayhan headunits like version4, version5 and linux pro are equipped with all the necessary equalizer settings through which a user can easily change the setting to his or her own choice.
  • Durability and longevity: The speakers from Kayhan Audio are made with premium components and put through a rigorous testing process to ensure longevity and reliability. These aftermarket speakers are made to withstand the strains of daily driving and give constant performance for years to come, unlike factory speakers, which can wear out over time or in unfavourable situations. By making a sturdy speaker purchase, you may enjoy your enhanced audio system for many years without having to worry about needing to replace them frequently.
  • How Kayhan Audio offers a wide range of high quality speakers ?
  • Product portfolio: To accommodate various consumer preferences and price ranges, Kayhan Audio may provide a wide range of speakers with various sizes, power ratings, and features. This can include subwoofers, coaxial speakers, component speakers, and more.
  • Research and Development:  Kayhan Audio invest highly in R&D to create and engineer speakers of the highest calibre. To create the best possible sound reproduction, this entails experimenting with various materials, driver technology, and crossover designs.Over the years Kayhan Audio has developed the head units from version3 to version4 to linux pro using the latest and advanced sound technology.
  • Quality Control: Kayhan Audio likely has effective quality control procedures in place to provide high-quality speakers. To make sure that every speaker satisfies the company’s standards before being on the market, the products go through stringent testing and inspection at different stages of production.
  • Collaboration with Manufacturers: Kayhan Audio may work with recognised suppliers or manufacturers who specialise in creating high-quality speaker parts. Consistent quality and access to cutting-edge technologies may be made possible by this relationship.
  • Customer feedback and reviews:  Kayhan Audio frequently pay attention to consumer feedback and reviews to better understand their preferences and make adjustments to their products which helps to improve offers and provide superior audio experiences.
  • Warranty and support:  Kayhan Audio can inspire trust in their consumers and take care of any potential issues that may emerge by offering warranty coverage and quick service which is crucial for maintaining customer satisfaction.Kayhan Audio offers warranty against manufacturing defects and faulty components. The warranty terms and conditions depends and may vary on the specific product you purchase. For example, the head units Version5 and Linux pro have 12 months of warranty and dedicated customer support 24*7.

Kayhan Audio provides a large selection of high-quality speakers. They recognise the value of audio reproduction and strive to give consumers vehicles with the best possible sound quality. There are few ways through which audio companies offer a wide range of high quality speakers.

2. Add a subwoofer

The importance of subwoofers in improving bass response cannot be emphasised when it comes to producing rich and immersive audio experiences. Subwoofers are specialised speakers that reproduce low-frequency sounds, giving audio playback depth, impact, and realism. Subwoofers are essential to provide beast quality audio solutions, in producing exceptional bass performance.

  • Deep and powerful bass: A subwoofer’s main function is to reproduce low-frequency sounds, especially the bass notes that are crucial to audio in movies, music, and other media. By using Kayhan Audio you will experience rich, powerful bass reproduction that gives your listening experience a whole new level by integrating a subwoofer to your audio system. Subwoofers, which are different from normal speakers in that they are made specifically to handle and reproduce low frequencies, ensure that every beat, rumble, and explosion is felt forcefully and precisely. The subwoofers from Kayhan Audio are designed to produce excellent bass performance. To reproduce low-frequency sound accurately and dynamically with the use of cutting-edge driver technology, targeted amplification, and effective enclosures. For example, 3000watt subwoofer has a bass boost of 49Hz, 4000watt mono block has 0-12db bass boost.
  • Improved sound balance and integration: To provide a balanced and integrated sound reproduction, subwoofers are essential. Subwoofers handle the low-frequency region, freeing the main speakers from having to reproduce deep bass and allowing them to concentrate on the midrange and high-frequency ranges. This division of labour makes sure that each speaker functions within its ideal parameters, enhancing the clarity, balance, and overall sound quality. You will achieve flawless integration between the subwoofer and main speakers using subwoofers made by Kayhan Audio. These subwoofers’ perfect integration with the rest of the audio system guarantees a seamless change from the low-frequency to the mid/high-frequency regions. Moreover, the integration of subwoofers with Kayhan head units like Version5 and Linux Pro make the audio spectrum flawless, resulting in a seamless and realistic soundstage.
  • Enhanced movie and gaming experience: Subwoofers are crucial elements for offering immersive and realistic experiences for games and movie enthusiasts. These types of entertainment frequently feature explosions, powerful sound effects, and stirring music, and a top-notch subwoofer can bring them to life with startling realism.The subwoofers made by Kayhan Audio  are designed to improve video and gaming experiences. They can replicate the low-frequency sounds found in gaming audio and movie soundtracks, creating an immersive and emotional experience. You can feel the rumble of explosions, the pounding of footsteps, and the intensity of musical scores with the powerful and accurate bass reproduction provided by Kayhan Audio’s subwoofers, immersing yourself in a really cinematic or gaming adventure.
  • Considerations when choosing a subwoofer

There are several crucial factors to take into account when selecting a subwoofer from Kayhan Audio. By taking these things into consideration, you can make sure that you get a subwoofer that will fit your individual audio needs and improve your listening experience as a whole. The important factors are as follows:

  • Space: The size and type of subwoofer that can be installed in your car will depend on the space that is available. To guarantee correct installation, measure the size of the place, such as the trunk or under-seat area, where you intend to attach the subwoofer. To accommodate various automobile models and space restrictions, Kayhan Audio Australia offers a range of subwoofers in various sizes and configurations.
  • Power handling: one must consider the power the subwoofer’s power needs and the audio system’s capacity for output. Make sure the subwoofer can handle the same amount of power that your amplifier or head unit can. This guarantees top performance and keeps the subwoofer from being overpowered or damaged. For a variety of automotive audio systems, Kayhan Audio Australia offers subwoofers with various power handling capacities.Different unit models have different power output. The version 5 has 6channel RCA out with massive 4.3volt power on RCA’s with 4speakers and 2subs which ensures the best audio quality for your car.
  • Low frequency extension and frequency response: Find a subwoofer with a low-frequency extension that enhances the bass performance you’re after. The amplifier models like 3000watt has frequency response of -3db(13Hz-33Khz) and 8000watt has a response of 10-220Hz. Extended low-frequency capabilities in subwoofers allow for the impactful reproduction of deep bass sounds. A wider range enables more accurate and detailed bass reproduction, take into account the frequency response range as well.The
  • Senstivity: How well a subwoofer transforms power into sound output is indicated by its sensitivity. A subwoofer with a greater sensitivity rating can create more sound while using less power. If you want to attain higher volume levels with less power consumption or if you have a limited power source, picking a subwoofer with higher sensitivity can be helpful.The subwoofer models like 3000watt, 4000watt mono block and 8000watt mono block has senstivity of  .2-6v.
  • Build quality and durability: Because automotive audio systems are subject to a variety of environmental conditions, including temperature changes, vibrations, and moisture, think carefully about the subwoofer’s construction and durability. Look for subwoofers that are well-built, made of high-quality materials, and include security measures like moisture and heat resistance. Offering subwoofers with dependable construction to endure the demands of a car audio environment is Kayhan Audio.

3. Amplify your sound

Kayhan Audio offers range of amplifiers to improve the audio quality of your car audio system.  A speaker can be driven with higher clarity, loudness, and dynamics thanks to an amplifier, which raises the amplitude or strength of an audio stream. Here are some tips from Kayhan Audio on how to boost your audio.

  • Increase power output: A range of top-notch amplifiers from Kayhan Audio are available, each with a different power output. You may give your speakers more power by adding an amplifier to your automobile audio system, which will make the sound you hear louder and more powerful. A larger power output enables your speakers to produce more sound at higher volumes without experiencing distortion, resulting in crystal-clear audio even when travelling at high speeds or in noisy surroundings.Kayhan Audio strives to to provide the large power output with their head units like Version5 and Linux pro have 4.3volt power on RCA’s.
  • Improved sound quality: Kayhan Audio’s amplifiers are made to deliver precise power to your speakers. Your speakers will sound better across the frequency spectrum if you use our amplifiers to amplify it. Better control over the speakers is made possible by amplifiers, resulting in improved dynamics, detail, and tone correctness. As a result, you can hear fine sound quality and enjoy a more even soundstage, making listening more immersive and enjoyable.
  • Enhanced bass: The amplifiers made by Kayhan Audio help you get the deep, powerful bass you want. Subwoofers are speakers that are specifically designed to reproduce low-frequency sounds, and amplifiers supply the necessary power to drive them. With an amplifier, you can make the most of your subwoofer’s capabilities and enable it to produce powerful, deep bass that give your audio depth and richness. Particularly for musical genres like hip-hop, electronic, or rock that largely rely on bass, this results in a more immersive and captivating listening experience.
  • Expandability and customisation: Your automotive audio system can be expanded and customised using Kayhan Audio amplifiers having numerous channels, enabling you to power various speaker setups, including front, rear, and subwoofer speakers. You may customise your system to meet your unique preferences and needs thanks to its flexibility. Kayhan Audio amplifiers can meet your needs whether you want to set up surround sound, bi-amp your front speakers, or add more subwoofers.
  • Integration with OEM systems: The amplifiers from Kayhan Audio are made to work in perfectly with both aftermarket and OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) automotive audio systems. They allow you to keep your original radio while boosting the audio quality and are compatible with a wide selection of head units. This guarantees a simple installation procedure and maintains the interior of your car’s original appearance.

4. Fine tune with equalizer settings

Equalizers play crucial role to modify and fine-tune the frequency response of the audio system. An equaliser is an audio tool or piece of software that gives users control over various frequency bands and the ability to boost or cut particular frequencies to create the desired sound. An overview of equalisers used in automotive audio systems is given below:

  • Frequency Bands: An equalizer splits audio into various frequency bands. Digital signal processors (DSP), graphic equalisers, and parametric equalisers are all frequently used equalisers in car audio systems. While parametric equalisers and DSPs offer more granular control over individual frequencies, graphic equalisers often feature sliders or knobs that correlate to various frequency bands.
  • Frequency adjustment: Equalizers can change the volume of particular frequency bands. The frequency can be adjusted by increasing or decreasing the level of frequencies within a specific range.  For instance, you can increase the lower frequency bands to emphasise the bass frequencies. On the other hand, you can cut certain frequencies to lessen their impact if they are producing problems, such as resonances or roughness.
  • Tone control: By allowing users to customise the sound to their tastes, equalisers offer tone control. You can emphasize or de-emphasize particular portions of the audio by boosting or reducing particular frequency ranges. For example, you can increase the high frequencies to give vocalists and instruments more brightness and clarity or decrease the midrange frequencies to get rid of nasal or honky sounds.
  • Custom sound profiles: Users of equalisers can design unique sound profiles that are based on  personal preferences or particular musical genres. Users can design a sound signature that emphasizes voices, bass, or a particular instrument by modifying the frequency response. Users can fine-tune their audio system to fit their preferences and enhance the listening experience through customisation.The customer sound profiles can be created through the Kayhan Audio head units like Version5 and Linux pro one can adjust the equalizwer settings according to their requirements. Most of the factory head units don’t have the custom sound profile settings.
  • Digital signal processing: Digital signal processing (DSP) capabilities are typically included in advanced equalisers in automotive audio systems. DSPs offer extra features such advanced filtering, time alignment, crossover settings, and signal delays. By correcting for speaker location, enhancing phase coherence, and improving soundstage, these capabilities enable more exact control over the audio system.

In general, Kayhan Audio’s dedication to delivering exceptional products, integrating advanced technology, and providing installation services performed by knowledgeable professionals establishes them as a trustworthy option for enhancing car audio excellence. By enhancing speakers, incorporating a subwoofer, amplifying sound, and refining settings with an equalizer, car enthusiasts can indulge in a superior audio journey while driving.

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