Choosing the Perfect Stereo System for Your Car

Choosing the Perfect Stereo System for Your Car Leave a comment

In-car entertainment has undergone a significant transformation! Gone are the days of cassette tapes and bulky CD players. Car stereo manufacturers are constantly innovating, integrating cutting-edge features like MP3 compatibility and smart phone connectivity to create a more immersive and connected driving experience.

With the latest technology being a vital aspect when purchasing a new stereo system, the decision in what fits best for you and your vehicle can be quite the head ache.

Head unit

The head unit is the brains behind your car’s entire sound system. It’s like the conductor of an orchestra, taking control of the amplifiers and speakers to create the perfect listening experience.

Kayhan Audio’s Head unit is the brain of your Stereo system.

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The price of speakers depends on a spectrum of factors, including the quality of the sound they produce, their overall performance, and their capabilities. Aftermarket speakers often offer wider sound reproduction due to their extended frequency response.

Kayhan Audio’s Speaker

When purchasing new speakers, it is important to look out for the power handling, sensitivity and physical size of the speakers to ensure they will fit your vehicle.

Other types of speakers, such as tweeters and subwoofers are also available. 

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Amplifiers act like the muscle behind your music. They take the weak signal from your head unit and crank it up, delivering noticeably clearer sound at higher volumes without distortion. To work their magic, amplifiers need a connection to your head unit through RCA outputs. The key measure of an amplifier’s power is its RMS output, measured in watts. Think of it as the engine’s horsepower for sound. Two-channel amps are perfect for powering a pair of speakers, while four-channel amps can handle a full sound system.

Kayhan Audio’s Amplifiers

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Why you should replace or upgrade your stereo system?

  • For overall better quality, more features or if your current system is faulty.
  • For better sound quality.
  • To make your car look more modern and beautiful.

Where to get a stereo system for your car

Kayhan audio – the perfect choice for you to shop and upgrade stereo system for your car.

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