Accessorise Your Car: Functional and Stylish Add-Ons for Your Vehicle

Accessorise Your Car: Functional and Stylish Add-Ons for Your Vehicle Leave a comment

Car accessories are extra features that are installed in a vehicle to augment its performance, aesthetics, or functionality. These are added onto a vehicle after it’s initial purchase. These supplementary components are meticulously designed to blend seamlessly with a car’s appearance and elevate the driving experience. From floor mats to exhaust systems, car accessories offer a diverse range of benefits that can transform the way we drive and enjoy our vehicles. These accessories can be broadly classified into two types: interior and exterior accessories.

If you’re looking for a company that can provide you with exceptional audio and multimedia systems for your vehicle, Kayhan Audio is the name you can trust. The company has an impressive collection of interior accessories that can take your car’s audio and multimedia experience to the next level. Here are some of the most popular Kayhan Audio interior accessories:

1. Android Head unit: Kayhan Audio’s primary product offerings are their Android Head Units, which serve as the core of their product range. These units possess expansive touchscreen displays, granting users access to a wide range of multimedia functionalities such as music streaming, GPS navigation, and hands-free calling. Powered by the Android operating system, the head units can be customized with a variety of applications.

2. Rear-Seat Entertainment: Kayhan Audio‘s rear-seat entertainment systems are intended to provide passengers with entertainment during extended journeys. These systems offer an array of features, including DVD players, gaming consoles, and streaming services. They can be installed into the front seat headrests, enabling those seated in the back to indulge in the multimedia experience.

3. Kayhan Audio’s digital dashboard upgrade replaces conventional analog gauges with a digital display of superior resolution. This dashboard display has the capacity to show a variety of information such as vehicle speed, fuel level, and directions for navigation.

4. Sound System Upgrades: Kayhan Audio presents a series of sound system upgrades, comprising of speakers, subwoofers, and amplifiers. These modifications aim to enhance the sound quality of your vehicle, resulting in an immersive and satisfying audio experience.

5. Rear view Camera: Kayhan Audio’s rear view camera systems offer an extensive viewing angle of the area behind your vehicle, facilitating easier parking and manoeuvring in restricted spaces. These systems comprise a dashboard-mounted display that presents a clear view of the camera feed.

How can you choose the right car accessories for your specific needs and preferences?

Everyone individual has it’s own choice for car accessories. To select appropriate car accessories, it is essential to consider your needs and preferences. Here are some guidelines to assist you in selecting the right car accessories:

1. Identify your needs: Think about the additional features you wish to add to your car, such as enhanced safety, convenience, or comfort. Create a catalogue of car accessories that could satisfy those requirements. For example, you may need a head unit but you might not need speakers or you need a dashcam but don’t need a reverse camera. So it all depends on your choice what exactly are you looking for ?

2. Research your options: Proper research is crucial before making any decision. After identifying the necessary car accessories, explore various brands, models, and alternatives available in the market. It is necessary to obtain all the latest and accurate information on technology and it’s availability in the market. So it is vital to verify the accessories before buying.

3. Thorough inspection: The complete and proper assess is necessary to make sure that the product is compatible with your car model. Checking the product’s specifications, reviews, and ratings from other customers can provide useful insights and help you make an informed decision before purchasing car accessories. To know more for the compatibility , one can get in touch with the car dealer as they will provide full information.

4. Warranty: This is the most important thing one must keep in mind while purchasing the accessories. Especially, if you are buying expensive products then one must look for warranty period and it’s terms and conditions.

5. Reviews: Now a days, there are many companies flooding the market with different car accessories. You shouldn’t trust the product blindly as there are many online stores who deceive the customers. By checking the reviews you can gain a better understanding of the product, it’s features and functionality. The customer reviews are considered as the genuine information on quality and service. With the help of this one can make informed decision and find the best product.

6. Reputable seller: You must consider authentic online sellers or dealers to ensure you get the quality products and excellent customer service. Kayhan Audio is an Australian based company and one of the leading company for car accessories that has years of experience in industry to develop innovative products. We proudly provides 24*7 customer service to our customers.

Reasons: Why you should have accessories for your car?

The addition of car accessories ranging from a basic mobile phone holder to advanced head units, rear view cameras, dashcams and steering wheels. These accessories can enhance your driving experience by making it more comfortable, efficient and enjoyable. Additionally, car accessories can make long drives more bearable and pleasant, especially if you are travelling with children or pets. Despite the widespread recognition of the benefits of car accessories, there are still some car owners who consider them to be unnecessary expenses. It is also important to note that certain accessories, such as those related to vehicle performance must be installed at the time of purchasing the car while others can be purchased at any time. Here are some top reasons why you should have accessories for your car.

1. Convenience: The major benefit of car accessories is that they enhance the comfort and ease for long drives. Car accessories that are designed for organizing can also enhance the visual appeal of your vehicle. By keeping your belongings tidy and in their designated spots, your car can appear more organized and clean, which in turn can boost its overall aesthetic appeal. For instance, take the example of a mobile phone holder. As we all know that it is against the law in many countries to use a phone while driving and doing so can be dangerous. In such cases, a mobile phone holder can prove to be incredibly useful. By holding your smartphone, you can easily use features like GPS, calling and speaking. This can help you stay safe and focused on the road.

2. Safety: Car accessories can also improve your safety while driving on the road. Accessories like blind spot mirrors, rear view cameras, and 360degree cameras can help you avoid accidents and park your car more easily. Furthermore, accessories such as dashcams that not only captures fun moments with your friends but also alerts about other vehicles on the road. It is a unique accessory that can provide both entertainment and safety benefits. This camera allows you to monitor the cars behind you through its rearview camera, while also capturing footage in the event of an accident. This footage can serve as evidence for legal and insurance purposes.

3. Luxury and style:  can accessories can allow you to personalise and enhance the appearance of your vehicle, adding an extra layer of luxury to your already luxurious car. Accessories can give your car a significant aesthetic boost providing luxury and comfort. Kayhan Audio offers endless list of high quality and innovative options to choose from.

4. Entertainment: Entertainment car accessories can enhance your driving experience by making it more enjoyable and comfortable. With accessories such as music players, TV screens, and gaming devices, you can easily pass the time while driving by listening to your favorite music, watching movies or TV shows, or playing games. These accessories can provide entertainment and distraction during long drives, making your overall driving experience more enjoyable.

Kayhan audio provides high quality head units that are made with latest features by using modern technology. With entertainment car accessories, you can turn your driving experience into a more relaxing and enjoyable one, thereby reducing stress and fatigue.

5. Accessibility: Car accessories can also enhance the accessibility of your vehicle for drivers and passengers. Accessories such as steering wheel controls, and voice recognition can significantly improve the ability to drive a car. By providing these accessibility aids, car accessories can help individuals to maintain their independence and mobility, allowing them to enjoy the freedom and convenience of driving.

6. Personalized look: If you want to personalize the appearance of your car and make long journeys more comfortable, you can easily achieve this with the help of certain accessories. Customizing car accessories enables you to add a personal touch to your vehicle. Personalizing car accessories can help you create a car that reflects your personal style and taste, making it more enjoyable to drive and enhancing its overall appearance. It is important to make sure that accessories you choose are of high quality, safe and compatible.

There are many compelling reasons why you should consider getting car accessories for your vehicle. They can provide benefits such as convenience, safety, style and comfort to enhance your overall driving experience. Whether you want to improve your audio system, add more storage, steering wheel, reverse camera or make your phone more accessible, there are numerous accessories available to cater your needs and tastes. So don’t hesitate start exploring the world of car accessories with Kayhan Audio today and discover how they can enhance and transform your driving experience in a positive way.

Advantages of aftermarket car accessories over OEM

There are two primary choice for car accessories: original equipment manufacturer(OEM) and aftermarket accessories. OEM accessories are produced by the same company that manufactures your vehicle, while aftermarket accessories are made by independent third party manufacturers. Although there are pros and cons to both options. Now we will examine the advantages of aftermarket accessories over OEM accessories.

Comfort and convenience

It is widely known that long drives or daily commutes can be exhausting and uncomfortable, especially under favourable weather conditions. Car accessories have made it possible to tackle some of these difficulties, making car journeys more convenient and comfortable. Car accessories such as heated seats and steering wheel covers offer warmth and comfort during cold weather. Hot weather make driving uncomfortable, accessories such as cooling fans and ventilated seats make driving experience better. If you have installed Kayhan head unit you can control the temperature through the head unit making it more comfortable to drive. The features inbuilt in Kayhan unit will let you drive smoothly as you can access the latest GPS, bluetooth, voice recognition system and steering wheel controls, you can drive without taking your eyes off the road.

More options and variety

Aftermarket car accessories provide extensive range of options that cater to different customers needs and preferences unlike OEM accessories that come preinstalled in a vehicle. The significant benefit of aftermarket accessories are availability if variety of options or broader range of products that help customers to find accessories that match their needs and style. Aftermarket accessories offer added convenience features that may not be available with OEM accessories. For example, GPS navigation, bluetooth connectivity and rear view cameras make driving more comfortable and enjoyable. Some aftermarket car accessories companies provide customise-able products and products are designed according to the customer choices. For example, at Kayhan Audio we offer customised steering wheel that helps customer to select colour, type of stitching, type of material carbon fiber or leather. Finally, aftermarket accessories provide number of options that fits to every customer needs.

Lower cost

Cost plays a vital role while purchasing the aftermarket car accessories because aftermarket car accessories are often much more affordable than OEM accessories which makes it a lucrative option for customers. One of the reasons why aftermarket car accessories are cheaper is because aftermarket manufacturers do not have to cover the same overhead costs as OEM manufacturers. OEM manufacturers have to cover research and development costs as well as production costs which can be quite high. In contrast, aftermarket manufacturers can simply produce accessories based on existing designs and doesn’t need the same level of investment. Despite their lower cost, aftermarket car accessories are not necessarily of lower quality. In fact, many aftermarket manufacturers use high quality materials and production methods to create products that are just as good as OEM accessories. Even some aftermarket car accessories outperform OEM accessories in terms of performance and durability. The lower cost is a major advantage for car owners who want to enhance their vehicle within the budgeted price.

Enhanced safety

Safety is a crucial concern and car accessories can provide added security and protection while driving. Rearview cameras, for example, are becoming more common and can be found in newer vehicles as a standard feature. They give drivers a clear view of what’s behind their vehicle, lowering the risk of accidents. GPS systems are also useful for reducing the likelihood of getting lost and providing accurate directions.Parking sensors can warn drivers when the vehicle is too close to an object, helping avoid collisions while parking. It’s crucial to choose high-quality accessories and have them installed correctly to ensure optimal performance when selecting car accessories for safety purposes.

Enhanced looks

Car accessories serve not only practical purposes but also have the potential to enhance the appearance of your vehicle. By utilizing aftermarket car accessories, you have the opportunity to add a personalized touch to your car and distinguish it from others on the road. Custom steering wheels, for example, not only improve the car’s performance but also offer a distinctive appearance. They are available in a variety of designs and sizes, making it easier to find the best fit for your car’s style. With the abundance of aftermarket car accessories available in the market, you can personalize your car to reflect your style and preferences and there are endless options to make your car stand out on the road.

Increased resale value

Car accessories can not only enhance the appearance and functionality of your vehicle but also increase its resale value. Installing high-quality accessories can make your car stand out in the market, and buyers are often willing to pay more for a car that comes with desirable features. Functional and safety-related accessories, such as backup cameras, navigation systems, and blind-spot detectors, are in high demand among buyers. These accessories not only provide convenience and safety to the driver but also increase the perceived value of the car. A car equipped with such features can attract more potential buyers and fetch a higher price compared to a car without these accessories. Moreover, well-maintained accessories can improve the overall condition of your vehicle, making it more attractive to potential buyers. Therefore by investing in car accessories, you can enjoy the benefits of an enhanced driving experience and potentially increase the value of your car in the long run.

Overall, the blog discusses the advantages and types of vehicle accessories that can enhance the driving experience. The article mainly discusses about Kayhan Audio, a company that specializes in providing interior accessories such as Android head units, rear view cameras, sound system upgrades, and rear-seat entertainment. In order to select the appropriate car accessories, it is important to identify the specific requirements and preferences then research the various brands, models, and options available in the market. Kayhan Audio offers a range of interior accessories that can take your car’s audio and multimedia experience to the next level. To select the right car accessories, it is essential to consider your needs and preferences, research your options, and check the compatibility, warranty, reviews, and reputation of the seller. The addition of car accessories can make your driving experience more comfortable, efficient, and enjoyable, making long drives more bearable and pleasant. With the right car accessories, you can transform your vehicle into a comfortable and enjoyable ride.

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