How Kayhan Audio Transformed Car Audio Systems Worldwide

How Kayhan Audio Transformed Car Audio Systems Worldwide Leave a comment

Looking for a car’s audio system whose detailed sounds can complement a variety of music genres? And personalize the interior of your vehicle with a touch of flair? Then you’re in luck. Kayhan Audio offers a range of outstanding audio systems for different car models, and we’re here to guide you toward the ones that truly deliver value for your money.

The demand for high-quality car audio systems is on the rise, as is the demand for Kayhan’s custom stereo systems. It’s not just us saying it. The industry has noticed too. Kayhan Audio’s multimedia solutions are becoming increasingly popular among both regular car owners and big car manufacturers. Not only because of their thoughtful innovations but also because of their exceptional customer support and prompt replies addressing any queries that will make you trust them for sure.

Let’s explore what we have to complement your car’s interior, but before that, you may be wondering what’s special about Kayhan’s car audio system.

How Kayhan Audio Transformed Car Audio Systems Worldwide?

People don’t listen to music while driving only to pass the time. Music is the thing that enhances the driving experience, makes the trip picture perfect as you dream about a long drive with loved ones, or keeps you feeling good while driving alone.

This is why Kayhan Audio is on a mission to revolutionize the driving experience by offering top-notch car audio and multimedia solutions beyond old-school stereo systems.

After a lot of research, tireless work, and development, Kayhan Audio has introduced groundbreaking innovations that have set new industry standards. Do you know what the main key to the brand’s success is? Kayhan’s audio systems clearly satisfy every driver’s dream audio setup in their cars.

Their customized solutions for different car models9 help them earn a loyal fanbase worldwide. Their thoughtful designs ensure a safer and more enjoyable driving experience than ever. They try to make the interface of the audio system as easy to use as possible.

The simple controls and high-resolution touchscreens ensure effortless access to apps and media playback. With a plethora of modern features like GPS navigation, Bluetooth connectivity, a built-in voice assistant, a microphone, smartphone mirroring, and reverse camera integration, it’s like having the best modern music system right in your car.

Tips for Choosing the Best Audio System for Your Car

A car audio system requires a hefty investment, so consider the following things to get the most out of your investment:

  • Larger cars typically require a more robust and powerful system, whereas a smaller car can get by with a less potent setup. So, firstly, take a look at the wattage output to get an idea of the system’s power and how effectively it will fill the sound in your car’s cabin.
  • Next, pay attention to the speaker size and the car’s trunk. While larger speakers can produce louder sounds, they may not fit in your car’s limited space. So, take measurements of your car’s trunk or door panel to ensure a proper fit before you finalize your purchasing decision.
  • Moving on, carefully assess the stereo compatibility. While most systems nowadays are compatible with most stereos, it’s always best to double-check whether the selected system is compatible with your car’s stereo or not.

Once all these components harmoniously come together, they will offer an excellent car audio experience.

A Few Milestones in Multimedia Solutions by Kayhan Audio

Once you’ve decided on the type of system you need, the next step is to explore the realm of car audio systems available in Kayhan Audio’s digital store.

Powerful Audio Systems For Your Toyota

Built-in DAB+ for digital stations, wireless Carplay, and Android Auto are there for your entertainment, while Carplay and Android Auto with voice command features make it easier to access music, take a call, and use Google Maps for navigation while driving. With 8-core 2XA75 and 6XA55 CPU units, 8 GB of DDR4 RAM, and 128 GB of storage, the system makes the response time superfast.

These three systems have an ultra HD IP anti-glare screen with the same features. The only difference is the screen size, making them space-efficient according to car models. Stereos for the Toyota Hiace have a 9-inch screen, models for the Avensis have a 10-inch screen, and Tundra Tree models come with the largest 11-inch screen. 

Check prices:

Stereo System For Ford Escape And Kuga

The Ford Kuga is larger than the Ford Escape SUV, so as expected, the customized car audio system will be larger (10.1), and other features are almost the same. Like the previous set, the systems of Ford cars also have the same faster processing unit, built-in DAB+, wireless CarPlay, and Android Auto applications for hands-free calling, music streaming, navigation, and access to compatible apps. 

Have a close look at different price tags and specifications:

Audio Systems For Hyundai Santa Fe

Here is another dynamic duo for Hyundai Santa Fe models that share almost the same features of connectivity, processing unit, and entertainment as others. As expected, the difference is in their screen sizes. 

Check the specifications in detail:


So, now’s the time to add some oomph to your car’s audio system. If you love bass-heavy tunes and are looking for a system with a powerful subwoofer, you can consider the above options for your car.

You’d love the convenience of built-in maps, voice assistance, an adjustable reversing FHD camera, and 3-port USB and Bluetooth connectivity options. No worries. If you have a different car model, check Kayhan’s website to get the best customized audio system for your car.

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