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Customer services

Kayhan Audio takes all customer concerns seriously as a part of our continuous improvement efforts. Here you will get detailed information on how Kayhan Audio ensures its customer service is up to the mark. Before you know the basics of our customer service here are some ways and solutions that you can use to reach us.

Check Order Status

When you order something online the prime concern is order status, right? Don’t worry you can track your order status live. We provide you with a tracking number as soon as you place an order with us. All you need to do is just use the tracking number on the order status page and know exactly where your order is reached.

Social Media

You can reach out on our social media pages. We are currently running two pages that are specifically for USA and Australian customers. Send your queries and concerns on our page.

USA Facebook Page:

Australia Facebook Page:


Send us an email at

We are not claiming we are perfect; we keep improving our service by learning from our mistakes and implementing new things to ensure our beloved customers don’t have to face any difficulties. We have some base aspects of our customer service that you would surely love to know.

Dedicated Team

Kayhan Audio has a dedicated customer service team that is engaged, skilled, and empathetic. We set up a separate team because we believe in direct interaction.

We understand no matter how good our products are at the end, if our customer have any query they need someone who can provide him or her instant solution and without a direct interaction it is impossible.

Our customer service is aligned around listening to the problems and queries of customers and give them instant solutions. This is a key thing that we follow without compromising with anything.

Answers from Real Humans

Unlike other companies which are relying on AI and CRM software to send automated replies or emails, we believe in real-time interaction. We are not against automated things as there might be thousands of queries any company or business gets in a day.

Automated replies might help companies like us for a moment, but from the customer’s point of view, we can understand it is a bit irritating especially when they need an instant solution.

To ensure our customer gets the instant solution we have real people who are ready to help you with any query. Now if the customer is not getting a quick reply from our side because of some reason like our representative is solving any other customer problem then in this situation, we have created a dedicated Help page.

It contains all the frequently asked questions. All you need to do is just visit the help page and get all of your basic answers without reaching us out. We keep updating the page regularly so we can give our customer a chance to get their solution instantly.

Clear Communication

We believe in transparent and clear communication. When the customer faces any unfortunate situation that might take a few days to resolve or a solution is not available at the moment our representative will tell the exact situation. We avoid making fake promises. We ensure to exact time frame so the customer can know when his or her problem will be resolved.

Open Feedbacks

We welcome every type of feedback no matter whether it is positive or negative. We basically embrace and focus on negative feedback and start work on it instantly so that we can provide a better solution.

As we said above no one is perfect, so we keep learning from our mistakes and welcome every feedback that comes to us. We encourage our customers to tell us our positive and negative points so we can polish our positive things and provide a better alternative to our negative things.

A Complete Shopping Experience

There is a huge difference when someone buys something online in comparison to offline shopping. As our major customers order our products online, we ensure they provide a complete shopping experience.

We continuously work on every aspect of our beloved customers, so they don’t have to face any problems. In order to provide a smooth shopping experience, we have beautifully categorized products, a simple checkout process, and easy and widely accepted payment.

Well, this is the kind of thing which provide almost all e-commerce website but what is more important is after-purchase service. Yes, this is where most companies fail to deliver their best.

When you order something from Kayhan Audio, we give you full freedom to return our products in case you get any wrong or broken piece. You can check our Order and Return page to go through our process and policies.

Secure Shopping

There are many online frauds happening every day and we can understand how worried you feel when you try to order something online. Let us give you the surety that we are using one of the most secure payment gateways. We don’t store any of your payment details. So feel free to shop from us without any hesitation.