Tophat and Fascia FORD Falcon FG MKI / MKII | Kayhan Audio
Tophat and Fascia FORD Falcon FG MKI / MKII | Kayhan Audio
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Aftermarket Tophat and Fascia for FORD Falcon FG MKI / MKII

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Regular Price $149.00 incl.VAT

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Package include:
2 Composite Wool Cone Coaxial Car Speaker 6.5″ inch
2 Two Way Component Car Speaker 6.5″ inch
2 Tweeter 1.8″ inch

Y35 100mm Ferrite Magnet, Aluminum Chassis Basket
BASV EISV Pure Copper 35mm VC
German Silk Dome Diaphragm N38 Neo. Aluminium housing Tweeter
Kevlar Fiber Cone, Better Midrange Freq.


Product price:$149.00
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Weight1 kg
Dimensions32 × 20 × 24 cm

Product Specifications: Aftermarket Tophat and Fascia for FORD Falcon FG MKI / MKII

  1. Compatibility:
    • Designed specifically for FORD Falcon FG MKI / MKII models.
    • Aftermarket Tophat and Fascia compatible with various trim levels of the specified vehicle.
  2. Material:
    • High-quality materials for durability and longevity.
    • Precision engineering for a seamless fit with the vehicle’s existing structure.
  3. Finish:
    • Aesthetic finishes that complement the original design of the FORD Falcon FG MKI / MKII.
    • Options for different finishes to match individual preferences.
  4. Installation:
    • Straightforward installation process with detailed instructions provided.
    • Designed for ease of installation, minimizing the need for specialized tools.
  5. Enhanced Aesthetics:
    • Upgrades the appearance of the vehicle’s interior with a refined and cohesive design.
    • Tophat and Fascia crafted to seamlessly integrate with the existing dashboard and control panel.
  6. Functionality:
    • Preserves or enhances existing functionalities of the vehicle’s dashboard.
    • Allows for the installation of compatible aftermarket accessories and devices.
  7. Compatibility with In-Car Electronics:
    • Retains compatibility with the vehicle’s electronic systems and controls.
    • Designed to seamlessly integrate with the original electronic components.
  8. Durability:
    • Engineered to withstand daily wear and tear, ensuring long-term durability.
    • Resistant to environmental factors, ensuring consistent performance in various conditions.
  9. Wireless Charger Compatibility:
    • Integrated space for installing a wireless charger compatible with iOS and Android smartphones.
    • Simplifies the charging process, eliminating the need to remove phone cases.
  10. Efficient Charging:
    • Powerful charging capabilities for swift and efficient replenishment of device batteries.
    • Ensures a reliable and quick charging experience, optimizing device uptime.
  11. Secure Grippers:
    • Robust grippers designed to securely hold smartphones in place.
    • Reliable grip even during rough driving conditions, preventing accidental slips.
  12. Versatility:
    • Compatible with most smartphones featuring wireless charging functionality.
    • Offers versatility to accommodate a wide range of devices for user convenience.

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