Have any query related to shipping return? Well, here you will get your solution. We understand things happen, so we try hard to keep your experience simple and quick. Let us tell you first that you can return ordered item without any problem but if you are still facing any problem then we recommend you to go through below FAQs and get your answer immediately.

Please Note

If you are wishing to return any products to us, you MUST include a completed customer return form which you can find and print from here👈🏻.

You are responsible for making sure all your personal details are deleted.
Please erase all the personalised Information including saved files, photos, applications, saved passwords / logins and any other details form the system. We are not responsible for any of the details left behind in the system.

How to Ensure a Delivery on Time?

This is one of the biggest concerns for anyone. We abide to deliver your products on time. We recommend you to provide the right details so we can reach to you without any problem. You need to provide us the following detail in order to get your product on time:

.First name

.Last Name


.Street Address

.Town or City

.State or County

.Postcode or ZIP

.Email Address

Apart from it, we ask for some optional things that we recommend you to fill also so we can get an alternative way to find you if somehow you are not available at the time of delivery. We ask optional things like:

.Company name

.Phone Number

.Order Notes

We strongly recommend you to fill all the details carefully with the right information.

My Location is Not Available In State or County Drop Down List.

My Location is Not Available In State or County Drop Down List.

I Have a Different Address in My Paypal Account. Will it Affect My Order?

No, there is no problem in that just make sure to fill the right address where you want to get your order. However, it will be good for both of us if there is the same shipping address that is in your PayPal account.

I Live in Remote Area. Am I Eligible to Place an Order?

Well, it totally depends on how far you live. Our website will warn you before if you are not eligible for delivery but if you still desperately want our product then feel free to contact us.

If all things are right, then we arrange a delivery for you, sometimes free of charge and sometimes charging you a little extra depending on your location.

When Will My Product Out for Delivery?

We start processing your item as soon as we get your request. We generally start the process when we get your payment confirmation. To ensure delivery on time, we join hands with biggies like FedEx, UPS, DHL and more. Depending on your location from our facility it might take 3 to 15 days.

How Do I Track My Package?

When your package is out for delivery, we will send you a shipment tracking number that you need to fill in a dedicated link that is also provided by us. With this special shipment tracking number, you can easily track on which location your package has been reached.

I Still Didn’t Receive My Package, What Should I Need To Do Now?

Sometimes because of bad weather and some unfortunate reasons your package might not get delivered on time. In such case we recommend you call us immediately. We will help you to find the real reason why your package is stuck.

My Ordered Product is Misplaced.

Such incidents are very rare but because it has possibilities we are still on your side. If the product has been misplaced because of some unfortunate reason we will treat your case in a priority.

If it is really misplaced, then you don’t have to worry. Contact us and place an order again. Don’t worry you will be not charged anything extra. Just follow the instruction provided by our representative.

I Found a Broken Product in Box?

Well that’s really unfortunate, but you will be glad to know that in such cases you are entitled to get a refund or replacement, but from our side, we need to confirm that your problem is genuine. Generally, we double check all the products individually before sending them out for the delivery.

If you are reading this before placing an order or receiving your order, then it will be really good for you to check the box carefully from outside. If you find something fishy like labels are broken or removed then immediately click the photo of it and send to us before receiving your product from delivery boy.

For a precaution, it will also a great idea if you record the package while opening the package. This will act as proof that you find a broken piece. If something happens send your video to us so we can initiate the replacement or refund process without any delay.

I Mistakenly Added Wrong Address.

If you notice this thing immediately after placing an order then request us to correct it. Apart from it if you realize it after a few days, then we strongly recommend you to contact the courier service as soon as possible and request them to deliver your product in the desired address.

If they deny to do so because of their policies, then ask them to hold the package in their facility so that you can collect the package yourself. This is the best thing you can do from your side.

International Shipping Cost.

Have a question related to international shipping? If yes, then know that international shipping cost varies depending on various factors like the weight of the product, country, taxes and more. To make it simple, we generally charge a flat rate of $110 in most of the cases. If there is something extra, then we will share the details without hiding anything.

I Received a Wrong Product.

If you revived a wrong product then it is a mistake from our side, and we apologize for such inconvenience. All you need to do is just contact us immediately and share your problem. After going through a small check, we will refund your money or change your product depending on your choice without asking any further questions.