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Kayhan Audio Affiliation Program Agreement

Welcome to the Kayhan Audio Affiliate Program website, where you can handle your affiliate marketing connection with Kayhan Audio.
Any individual or entity wishing to join our Affiliation Program (called the “Kayhan Audio Affiliation Program”), you have to agree to this Agreement. By signing up or using the Kayhan Audio website, you’re agreeing to follow these rules, including our policies like the Kayhan Audio Affiliation Program Requirements, Commission Income Statement, and Trademark Guidelines. Make sure you read and understand them.

1. Description of the Affiliation Program

The Affiliation Program allows you to earn money from your website, social media content, or online applications (referred to as your “Site”) by adding links to Kayhan Audio’s website. These links, called “Special Links,” must adhere to our provided formats and this Agreement.
When your audience clicks on these Special Links and makes a purchase or takes other actions on the Kayhan Audio website, you can earn commission income as outlined in the Affiliation Program Commission Income Statement. To help you advertise these products, we may provide you with data, images, text, and other marketing tools, collectively referred to as “Program Content.” However, this Program Content only pertains to products offered on the Kayhan Audio website and excludes any content from other sites.

2. Affiliation Program Obedience Requirements

You have to follow this Agreement to join the Affiliation Program and get paid commissions.
If we ask, you need to give us any information we need to check if you’re following this Agreement.
If you break this Agreement in a big way, or if you break the rules of any other Kayhan Audio marketing agreement, we might stop paying you commissions without warning. You’ll need to confirm in writing that you’re following the Agreement when we ask. If you don’t, it’s a serious violation of the Agreement.

3. Kayhan Audio Customers

The people who buy from us aren’t your customers just because you’re in the Affiliation Program. The prices, rules, and how we deal with orders and customers are set by us and can change anytime. You shouldn’t talk to our customers. If they contact you about something related to our website, tell them to follow the instructions on our site for help.

4. Warranties

You agree to these rules:

(a) Join the Affiliation Program and run your website according to this Agreement,

(b) Make sure your involvement and website follow the law and any rules,

(c) Make sure you’re legally allowed to make contracts (for example, you’re not a minor or otherwise legally prevented from contracting),

(d) You’ve chosen to join the program by yourself, and

(e) Always provide accurate information. You can update your details on the Kayhan Audio Site.

We can’t guarantee how much money you’ll earn from the Affiliation Program, and we’re not responsible for any decisions you make based on what you expect.

5. Identifying Yourself as an Affiliate

You need to clearly and visibly show this statement on your website or any other place where Kayhan Audio may authorize your display or other use of content: “As a Kayhan Audio Affiliate, I earn from qualifying purchases.” Apart from this, unless the law requires it, you can’t talk about this Agreement or your participation in the Associates Program without our written permission beforehand. Don’t exaggerate or misrepresent our relationship with you, and don’t suggest any connection between us unless this Agreement allows it.

6. Duration and Cancellation

This agreement starts when you join the Kayhan Audio Affiliate program. Either of us can end it at any time by giving written notice, and the termination will take effect after 7 days. You can terminate it by closing your account on the Kayhan Audio Site. We also have the right to end it immediately for reasons such as rule violations or illegal activities.
After the agreement ends, we might hold any unpaid commissions for a certain period to ensure correct payment.
Even after termination, some parts of the agreement will still be in effect, such as specific sections and any money that is owed. Ending the agreement will not release either party from responsibility for any breaches or debts that occurred before termination.

7. Disclaimers

The Affiliation Program, Kayhan Audio site, products, services, links, content, and all related technology provided by us or our affiliates are given as they are, without any guarantees. We may change or stop any part of these services at any time without warning. We don’t promise that these services will always work perfectly or be free from errors. We’re not responsible for any problems like viruses or unauthorized access to your site or data. Any advice or information you get from these services won’t create any extra promises beyond what’s already stated. We’re not liable for any loss of profits or other benefits or any investments you make because of participating in the program. This section doesn’t affect any rights you have under the law, including the Australian Consumer Law.

8. Liability Limitations

We and our partners won’t be responsible for indirect or special damages, like loss of profits or data, related to the services we provide. Our total responsibility won’t be more than the total commission you’ve earned in the past year, unless it’s because of our serious mistakes or criminal actions. You agree not to ask for special treatment under this agreement. However, this doesn’t affect any responsibilities that we can’t limit under the law, including the Australian Consumer Law.

9. Compensation

We won’t be responsible for anything to do with how you run your website or if you break our agreement, except if our serious mistakes or criminal actions cause harm. You agree to protect and compensate us, our partners, and our employees for any claims, damages, losses, or expenses related to:
• Your website, even if it combines with other things.
• Developing, designing, or promoting your website.
• Using any Kayhan Audio service, whether allowed or not.
• Breaking our agreement or program rules.
• Your taxes, including failing to pay them.
• Any negligence or misconduct by you, your employees, or contractors.
• We or someone we choose may take legal action to protect our rights.