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Secure Shopping

Everyone is concerned about their online security and no doubt you are also among them that is the reason why you are here and reading this information. Well, you will be glad to know that Kayhan Audio takes your privacy, safety, and security very seriously.

You can shop for anything from our portal with confidence. We are following many precautions to ensure your privacy and information can’t be misused at any cost. Know what things we follow to ensure your privacy and deliver a secure shopping experience.

Strongest SSL Encryption

SSL Encryption is one of the base things that every customer or user should check on the website. With just a simple check you can ensure whether a website is safe to share the information or not.

All you need to do is check whether the website URL consists of https or not. For instance, we have a URL, not To get into detail, you can click on padlock followed by the website URL that will introduce you to further information.

We don't store your credit card Information

When you shop with us, we ensure that we don’t store your credit card information. To provide a better payment gateway system, we have partnered with a trusted merchant like PayPal. Your credit card details will not reach us. You can make sure to check the URL when you enter your credit card information.

We store your basic Information

Yes, we do store your basic information like your name, address, country, etc. This data is securely saved on our server. It will help us to give you quick access to all of your details when you order something from us a second time; otherwise, you need to enter the details every time you order something from. As we don’t store your payment details, you need to enter the information every time.

We don't sell your Information

Our prime motto is introducing our customer base with a new and advanced product, and for that, we keep working hard day and night. In this, we respect our customer privacy, and like other companies, we don’t believe in selling our customer data. Your information is secure with us.

Do we use Cookies?

Yes, we use cookies just to provide a better shopping experience. We collect data just to enhance our website. That will ultimately help people like you to get an amazing shopping experience. Cookies also help us to find any flaws in our website like you are not able to make payment; the page is not redirecting and more.

Set a strong password for your account

We let you set a very strong password that includes a symbol, number, and alphabet. Your password and login credentials are safe with us. For security reasons, we recommend you set a unique password for our website that you don’t need to use anywhere else.