Affiliation Program Policies

Affiliation Program Policies

These Policies are for the Kayhan Audio Affiliation Program. They’re included in the agreement you joined. If you’re unsure about any words, you can check their meanings in the main agreement. Even if the agreement ends, some rules about your responsibilities will still apply. Breaking any of these rules is serious and could mean you’ve broken the agreement.

Affiliation Program Commission Fee Structure:

1. Valid Purchase and Valid Revenue.

We’ll pay you a Standard Commission Fee according to our Standard Commission Fee Structure for “Valid Purchases.” A Valid Purchase occurs when:

  1. A customer clicks on a Special Link on your website directing them to a Kayhan Audio website.
  2. During a single session, which begins when a customer clicks the Special Link and ends when one of the following occurs:
    The customer places an order for a product (excluding digital products).
    The customer makes a purchase using our 1-Click feature or adds a product to their shopping cart and completes the order within 20 days of clicking the Special Link.
  3. The product is shipped to the customer and delivered.
    For each Valid Purchase, the “Valid Revenue” is the amount we receive from that purchase, minus any applicable shipping charges, gift-wrapping fees, handling fees, taxes (such as sales tax and VAT), service charges, credits, rebates, credit card processing fees, and bad debt.

2. Ineligible Purchase

Valid Purchases can become Ineligible if they’re associated with a violation of the Affiliation Program Standard Commission Fee structure or any Policies, including the Agreement. Additionally, specific purchases that would otherwise be considered valid are not eligible for the Affiliation Program:

  1. Products bought after your agreement ends,
  2. Orders for products that are canceled, returned, or refunded,
  3. Products bought by a customer who finds the Kayhan Audio Site through search terms or other identifiers with “Kayhan Audio” or similar words (e.g., “Kayhhan”, “kyhan”, and “kayhaaan” etc.),
  4. Products bought through links on search engines like Google, Yahoo, or Bing,
  5. Products bought through links that indirectly lead to the Kayhan Audio Site,
  6. Products bought by customers who don’t follow the Kayhan Audio Site’s rules,
  7. Purchases that aren’t tracked or reported correctly because the links from your site to Kayhan Audio Site aren’t right,
  8. Products bought through a Special Link in a Mobile Application that wasn’t approved or wasn’t served by Kayhan Audio API.

3. Earnings Disclosure and Remittance

We’ll make every effort to accurately track your sales and earnings each month. You’ll receive your commission approximately 30 days after the end of each month. By default, we’ll pay you in the currency used by Kayhan Audio, unless you choose otherwise. If you opt for a different currency, we’ll convert it according to our standards.
Option 1: Direct Deposit. Once you provide us with your bank details, we’ll deposit your earnings directly into your account. If you select this option, we may wait until your earnings reach a minimum amount before processing the payment.
If your account remains inactive for a year, we may notify you and withhold your earnings. Any unpaid earnings might be subject to applicable laws.
Once we’ve paid you, that’s the end of it. If we happen to overpay you, we reserve the right to deduct the excess from future earnings.

Affiliation Program Engagement Requirements

1. Sign-Up and Eligibility

To begin, please complete the Affiliation Program application accurately. Your website(s) must have original content and be accessible to the public through the provided website address. We’ll carefully review your application and inform you of its acceptance status. If your site doesn’t meet our standards, you won’t be eligible for the program.
Sites we consider unsuitable include those that:

  1. Contains sexually explicit or obscene materials,
  2. Promote violence or contain violent materials, or endorse dangerous acts,
  3. Include false, deceptive, libelous, or defamatory materials,
  4. Promote hate, harassment, harm, invasion of privacy, abuse, or discrimination based on various factors,
  5. Promote illegal activities,
  6. Use Kayhan Audio trademarks without permission, or
  7. Violate intellectual property rights in any way.

We’ll assess if your site meets our standards. Ensure your application information and account details are kept up to date, as we’ll send important emails to the address linked to your account.
Joining the Affiliation Program is free, and we provide support on the Kayhan Audio Site. We want to make it clear that we have not authorized any business to offer paid set-up or consulting services to our Affiliation Program. Therefore, please be cautious if any such business, even one attempting to use the Kayhan Audio name, contacts you to offer expensive services.

2. Website Links

a. Unique Links:-

Once you’ve joined the Affiliation Program, you can place Unique Links on your website. These links help us accurately track and record your commission earnings. Make sure to use the Affiliate ID we’ve given you for these links.

b. Overall Guidelines for All Unique Links:-

You have the option to create your unique links or use ones provided by us. If we specify that certain links cannot be used on your website, you must cease their usage. It’s your responsibility to manage how these links appear and where they are directed on your site. Additionally, ensure that special links are formatted correctly for proper referral tracking. Avoid prompting users to bookmark these special links; they should only be accessible through your site and must include your unique ID.
You’re free to add or remove products and links from your site as needed. Ensure that links direct to specific products, and if linking to product lists, ensure relevant content accompanies them.
Remove any links or references to promotions on our site once they end. Refrain from making false claims regarding products or our site. Display prices and availability only if sourced directly from us or via our API, adhering to API usage guidelines.

3. Accountability for Your Website

You are entirely responsible for your website, including building it, making it work, keeping it running smoothly, and managing all the content on it.
For instance, you’ll be the only one in charge of:
Technical Operation: Ensure your website and related equipment function properly.
Compliance: Display Unique Links and Program Content according to the Agreement and all relevant laws and regulations.
Content Accuracy: Create and post accurate, complete, and appropriate materials, including product descriptions and related content linked to Unique Links.
Disclosure: Accurately disclose the use of cookies, pixels, and other technologies by yourself and third parties, including how data is collected, used, stored, and shared. Provide information on visitors’ options to opt out of online advertising as required by law.
Use of Program Content and Marks: Adhere to guidelines regarding the use of Program Content and Kayhan Audio Marks, regardless of whether such use is permitted by the Agreement.

4. Marketing Restrictions

Don’t Do Unauthorized Promotions: Do not engage in any promotional, marketing, or advertising activities that are not expressly permitted under the Agreement.
No Offline Promotion: Do not promote or advertise offline using our trademarks, logos, Program Content, or Unique Links in printed materials, ebooks, physical mailings, or verbal solicitations.
Use Unique Links Responsibly: You can include Unique Links in emails, SMS, and direct messaging on social media platforms, but only if the recipient has opted in to receive them and they comply with the Agreement.
Provide Certification if Requested: If asked, provide representative samples of your promotional materials and certify that you have followed the rules. Failure to do so may be considered a breach of the Agreement.
Software & Device Restrictions: You’re not allowed to use Kayhan Audio links or content in certain software or on TV devices unless they’re approved. Also, you can’t use them to make machine learning models or related technology without permission.
Comply with Marketing Laws: Understand that you are considered the sender of communications containing Special Links and must comply with applicable marketing laws and industry standards.
Following these steps will help ensure that your promotional activities are compliant with the Agreement and legal requirements.

Brand Usage Policies

These guidelines are important for using the logos provided through the Kayhan Audio Affiliation Program. It’s crucial to follow them carefully to avoid losing permission to use the Kayhan Audio logo. You’re only allowed to use the logo on your website to show that products are available on Kayhan Audio, and you must include a special link to the Kayhan Audio site. When using the logo, you must also adhere to other rules in the program documents, such as not suggesting sponsorship or endorsement by Kayhan Audio, or saying anything negative about the company or its products. The logos cannot be used in printed materials, emails, or offline contexts, and they must be shown clearly without alteration. Remember, the logos belong to Kayhan Audio, and any benefits from their usage go to the company. Using logos from third-party sellers requires written permission, and you cannot use trademarks too similar to Kayhan Audio’s or similar names for websites, usernames, or apps. Kayhan Audio reserves the right to change these guidelines and logos at any time and may take action against those who do not comply with the rules.


Kayhan Audio can stop or end your participation in the Kayhan Audio Affiliation Program, and you can do the same if you wish, just by giving us notice as outlined in our agreement. Even if your participation ends, you’ll still have certain rights from our Brand Usage Policy, such as using the Kayhan Audio Logo.