Soundscapes on Wheels: Guide to Car Stereo Installation Bliss With Kayhan Audio

Soundscapes on Wheels: Guide to Car Stereo Installation Bliss With Kayhan Audio Leave a comment

The car stereo is the centre of entertainment. It is a link to audio files, talk radio, and music. The Selection of Car stereo can change according to the level of sound quality you like. Car stereos support a variety of media types, from CDs to smartphones.

So, Are you thinking of upgrading your old car audio system? 

Kayhan Audio is the best place to upgrade your music system. This is where you can make your car setup better!

We’ll go over how to update your car’s music system in the next text, from choosing the best items to hiring a pro to install them.

We have performed the research so there is no need from your side. After reading this article through, you will have much greater assurance regarding your ability to make a wise choice. Continue reading until the final moment for an ultimate guide.

How to choose the right car stereo?

It can be a little difficult to choose the best music system for your car. This is a result of the thousands of models that are available on the market. If one can examine their options, buying the stereo under their preferences will be simple. The following are some factors to think about:

  • The Size:   Car stereos are available in two standard sizes – Double DIN and DIN. A DIN is typically 7 inches wide by 2 inches tall, whereas a double DIN is the same in width as a DIN but in length is 2 inches more. 
  • Media Options: Choose your media options carefully before making a purchase. You should Check whether you need an optical disc transport or a fine stereo. All digital media options are compatible with the excellent stereo, and CDs and DVDs can be played on the optical disc.
  • Display:  You must be clear with your priority for the display option. Some screens are designed to include song information on the display. while some have advanced lighting options.
  • Connectivity options: Would you like to be able to upload music to the car audio head unit from your smartphone? Would you like an MP3 player or iPod to be able to connect? To ensure that your stereo has the proper connections, you must choose the kind of media you plan to use.
  • Processor: The processing power of an Android head unit has a big impact on its performance. Your HU will function faster and with less lag the more cores it has. Each processor used by a manufacturer is unique. Just bear in mind that a DC processor might be slow, whereas an Octa-Core or Quad-Core processor with a minimum clock speed of 1.3 GHz might be a wise investment.
  • Power: Don’t pay attention to the high wattage because it does mean high audio quality.  Must check the audio of your car’s speaker through an internal amplifier and then focus on the RMS rating.  Always go for a Car Stereo Installation with high RMS power for more volume flexibility without maxing out the amplifier.

Installation Tips and Tricks

You can get several car stereos on this platform. So, finding an item suitable for your needs is important.

First of all, check the size of the audio system before car audio installation. How it appears on the dashboard is necessary. There are three different types of touchscreen receivers on the market: floating touchscreen receivers, double-sized 4′′ in-dash receivers, and space-saving 2′′ tall receivers. Browse the digital store of Kayhan Audio to find the ideal fit for your vehicle. 

Don’t forget! Each car has a unique dash layout. To make sure the new touchscreen car stereo system will fit into the head unit, measure the DIN size, or the size of the stereo’s structural framework, before doing anything else. Verify that the new touchscreen receiver isn’t obstructing airflow within the cabin.

Although, some receivers are adjustable. So, you can make changes to the dimensions of the display. It will help to enhance the visibility and fit better to the dashboard. But it is not easy to adjust after installation.

So, If you’re planning to install a new car stereo system in your car. Then, it will be better for you to take the advice from the experienced team members of Kayhan Audio.

Why Kayhan Audio?

  •  Brand Reviews and Comparisons

Customer reviews are very helpful in sales as well as purchases. On one side they convert frequent visitors to potential buyers. on the other side, it provides customers with a trustworthy place to buy items. One can get the feedback of the previous clients on the website. the buyer can easily get the quality product by the positive rating of old purchases. 

If you are purchasing the car stereo for Kayhan Audio then you can easily compare the items with others. You will notice the difference by yourself. Rest can be found with the help of feedback. Have expertise in building a credible relationship with our customer by fulfilling their requirements.

  •  Seasonal Promotions and Discounts

Quality items are always a little bit more expensive than usual ones. 

But there is no worry with Kayhan Audio. Here, you can get the desired car audio system at very reasonable prices.

Buyers can enjoy the quality music as it is available with a different range of discounts on different items.

During the time of some seasonal promotions, our customers get their quality product at a low rate.

  • Warranty

A guarantee or promise about the state of a product made by a manufacturer or other comparable party is called a warranty. 

So. As your trustworthy dealer, we guarantee that any goods that we produce and sell to you directly are free from defects in manufacture.

Nevertheless, we have a warranty cover for the inconvenience for our customers. Our warranty period is for 3 months from the date you purchased the item from us. Our warranty document is governed by the laws of Victoria, Australia. One needs to understand the terms and conditions of the company to get satisfactory results.

  • Shipping and Returns

Well, Kayhan Audio delivers products nationally as well as internationally. You can get the desired item with good packaging at your doorstep. We check every item twice before the delivery to ensure its the right customer. 

On some occasions, a person can have easy returns also. If you find the wrong item or somehow defect in the item. You can address us then we will replace it without any extra charges.

Worth the time

 All in all, Every car and driver is different, and we at Kayhan Audio are aware of this. Because of this, Kayhan Audio’s car stereo system is much more than just an effective car audio system; it guarantees easy-to-use, safe, and sound travel so that you can fully immerse yourself in the music’s crystal-clear sound. You can get a variety of car audio head unit as per your desire and budget. Browse the digital store of Kayhan Audio to find the ideal fit for your vehicle. For any questions or  assistance, please contact us at

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